About the Author

Hi! So glad you are here! 🙂

My name is Kelly and I am a new blogger living in Central Florida. I haven’t always been a  Floridian though; I was born and raised just outside of New Orleans, LA. My husband Paul and I are recently married as of June 9, 2012. We are loving marriage and the many joys that it brings 🙂

Singletary Family Session

Together we are passionate about serving those in need; I as a nurse and he as a gardener.  I work on an oncology floor with cancer patients. I thank God everyday for the job that He has given me and pray that I might be a blessing to both my coworkers and patients. My husband currently works at H.E.A.R.T missionary institute as the agricultural manager. H.E.A.R.T serves as a training facility for people interested in serving in developing countries. We have both traveled outside of the country for mission work, and can both say that the people we encountered were more of a blessing to us then we were to them.

baptist mission

We are parents to a little bundle of joy we like to call Mo. She never fails to make us laugh with her crazy antics. Some of her favorite things are destroying toys in record time, visiting the dog park, swimming in the lake, and snuggling.

 mo hamburger

In conjunction with my career in healthcare, I have developed a passion in pursuing a holistic lifestyle. Over the past few years I have walked the difficult road of understanding my body and what it needs to function at its best. I struggled with gastrointestinal issues and visited doctor after doctor, only to remain frustrated at square one. A naturopathic physician was pivotal in my progress and am so thankful to say that I am feeling better than I have in several years.

I believe that health is a journey and in todays culture it is one that we have to actively seek out for ourselves.

I pray that God, the source of all hope, will infuse your lives with an abundance of joy and peace in the midst of your faith so that your hope will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13 (The Voice Translation)


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